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hey what’s going on everybody this is Hudson we are back for one last pokemon tutorial the reason I’ve dressed up like this is because . I was literally just outside catching some now up to now I’ve taught you guys a lot about getting started with your Pokemon how to grow .  raise them .  evolve them these have been in the previous videos go check them out if you guys don’t know what’s going on yet .  for those of you who do let’s jump right on in so .


I wanted to go over the best way to get experience now as of right now this is the top way that . I know about this method involves evolving as many pokemon as possible now pokemon go hack generator  this –   https://www.facebook.com/PokemonGOHackCheatsnosurveybox  every single time that you evolve a Pokemon you get massive amounts of XP for it so what you’re going to do somebody just showed up who is it fucking wheedle you know what no this is perfect because I’m collecting wheedles to evolve them this is exactly what I’m talking about you guys alright so as you can see this wheedle I’ve got 42 wheedle c. ies .  it only takes 12 c. ies to evolve them so that means a few more weebles .  I’ll be able to do for wheedles in one go now the idea behind this is that before you evolve them you’re going to go into your bag on the shore you’re right now there’s something called the lucky egg that you should have gotten a few of at this point if you’re up around the levels that . I am we’re having leveled up it gives you double experience points for 30 minutes .  remember even if you close the app the timer still goes down so you need to have the app open .  be ready to use it when you pop a lucky egg they are pretty rare so the idea is that you’re going to go to a Pokemon hotspot now wherever you go to find the most focused ops with the most lure modules on them speaking of Bloor modules that’s also an item that you’ve gotten a few of at this point for having leveled up now go to the hot spot use a lucky egg .  then evolve as many pokemon as you possibly can at that point that means up to now you would have had to collect tons of balls .  catch tons of pokemon i’d recommend the ones that are most prevalent lycra tates piggies wheedles caterpie’s all of those catch them especially wheels .  caterpie’s because it takes so few c. ies in order to evolve him that drowsy looks like he’s about to get h. sy with me so if you guys do this you will break in massive amounts of experience this is the top way that . I know of so far to do this one more thing that . I wanted to cover in this advanced tutorial are the G now you’re gonna see three types of gems out there currently there are the empty gyms nobody’s claimed these gyms yet these gyms were predetermined when Pokemon go started so it did throw out a bunch of empty gems out there if you see one go take it right now the only thing you have to do is when you get to an empty gym you have to put one of your Pokemon there to defend that gym when you do this it’ll turn to your teams color gym .  you will lose that Pokemon from your lineup for the time being until he gets defeated they’ll be prepared to part with somebody because you’re gonna have to keep them there .  for as long as that Jim is not defeated that’s where that Pokemon will be the second type of gym that you’re gonna find are the enemy Jim’s a gym that goes by a different color than your own now to fight this gym all you gotta do is walk right up to it now you do have to walk up to it if you drive out to it .  you start fighting the gym .  then you drive away you you will get cut off right in the middle of it .  you will no longer get to finish that fight when you start attacking this gym you will get to choose from your top six Pokemon now .


I would use my h.  .  . I don’t have six fingers to top six Pokemon is what you’re gonna bring in .  you will have to fight however,  many pokemon are defending that gym so you do want to be careful you will be able to see what’s up well that drowsies like on top of my be oh that tickles oh yeah that’s where . I like it you can see the combat power of all the pokemon that are in the gym currently defending it so don’t go in over your head because you’re going to lose also make sure you got the right type of Pokemon for whatever pokemon are defending that gym just because a jam is a blue color does not mean it’s water-based it just means it’s team mystic now one very important thing to note here is that you will not be able to claim the gym once you’ve defeated every single Pokemon .  instead you will be able to claim the gym when you fought the gym enough times to remove all of its prestige however,  as you may think uh that that gym that . I just defeated had three pokemon in it now . I put one there what’s to stop somebody from coming back .  destroying it well that leads us to our third type of gym this gym is a friendly gym now if you see a friendly gym in your area you will not be able to control that gym you won’t be able to fight it .  it’s however,  you can buff that gym you can gain experience points while fighting it’s called training it’s basically like sparring a friendly gym so walk up to that gym go click to fight it .  you can choose one Pokemon at this point to fight everybody in that gym .  the more that you fight through that gym the more prestige points that gym will gain .  you’ll notice that there is a bar when you’re looking at the gym of certain amount of prestige points now when that bar gets full that gym will then level up .  get an extra slot in it for you to place your Pokemon into so now there will be two Pokemon in a gym .  you can keep doing this until you have enough Pokemon in that gym that it will be now secure so the thing is you .  you alone have to go ahead .  destroy a gym .  it’ll be you .  your team that has to build that Jim up so it doesn’t get taken back over now just to simply go over the fight mechanics of fighting a gym tapping simply tapping will do the pokemons main attack as we go into our menu here we can see that each Pokemon has two attacks no more than two one attack will just be when you tap when you just tap on the screen you will do your normal attack if you hold down on the screen you will be able to shoot your secondary attack oh my god bulba saur oh my god follow sorry babe . I gotta catch this oh my god CP 69 it was fucking meant to be i’m using a rash right now I’m not missing I’m not gonna miss this sucker I’m not gonna miss him relate so that’s nice .  big don’t jump on me you shit nice .  big toss it out get a nice ball in there that’s what I’m fucking talking about we’ve got this come on you Bulbasaur shit nice oh my god that’s fucking awesome i’m gonna go run until chantal right now that she’s got to catch this Bulbasaur I’ll be right back all right he’s only CP 69 .  hey man if you’re gonna have any number that means I’ve caught one of every one of the starter pokemons I’ve got a Charm. er I’ve got a couple squirtles .  magic got a bulbasaur oh feels good man .


I’m getting tickled in the pp so one last thing that . I wanted to talk about when you’re fighting a gym okay so small attack large attack .  then you can dodge by swiping left or right if you can time it just correctly to dodge maybe the be attacking pokemons secondary attack you can maybe try to time that right to dodge it that is everything that . I wanted to cover in this advanced Pokemon go tutorial you guys should have enough knowledge right now to go out there .  kick some ass thank you guys so much for watching leave a like if you enjoyed this .  . I will see you guys in the next video see you guys