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hey what’s going on . Nikki died here welcome back to episode 2 of the Pokemon in clash royale challenge we’re using Pokemon types to determine clash royale decks we are here with molt what’s going on what’s going on . now we didn’t come up with this idea someone of you our fans actually suggested it in one of our previous videos. i got like 400 likes super stoked keep on doing that . keep on giving us suggestions down below if you see something you like make sure you like them but they were basing our troop . our decks off of – type types fire water grass electric psychic ice dragon dark fairy what are some other ones steel goes bug rock ground poison flying fighting normal.what in most episode we just kind of like said alright . i’m gonna go fire then we pick a card. i make a water card .

now we’re gonna do two types each right build a deck don’t tell you the person . then you announce your two types in battle’s like showing up at a gym . you don’t know like what you lieutenant surges electric Luke 10 exert pick your to build your deck we’re gonna try not to stretch. i think is another ice that will be very simple yeah there’s some . i’m gonna go with em here you you you this is gonna be you . could probably tell what . i’m building right now very simple right samples the key .. i know what I’ll do my two rows . i’m separating it by top row bottom . can very easily see the top row is blank the bottom row is going to be where is it now here’s a question um gosh cuz this doesn’t fully fit who know ok . i’m gonna up we do have that as well oh no we don’t ah we can’t do that oh can we do this. i don’t even oh let’s see. i know what . i’m going with. i think there’s a card . i’m not remembering here well. i might have to not do all half-.-half. i might do 5 . 3 is that. i try to be happy to half but you can only use two you can only use two topics ok then . i’m good . i’m almost done sorry um actually let’s change out one more thing here let’s go with we’re gonna go we’re gonna bring in here .. i know what. i want to do yes .. i have that right there.all of those characters . all have one unique trait which. i will tell in battle . the other ones are all pretty obvious let’s go ahead . request for one molds ready. i don’t think. i spirits oh yeah no problem.

i gave you 16 today can you give 8 at a time. i don’t know hard legendary Reena we could just click on the arena click the. i it’ll tell us first type is fighting alright my first type is fire . i’m a second type is ice my second type is fighting pokémon flash cards all carry weapons they all have a weapon in their h. fire ones obviously all have fire . my dark ones either have darken their name or they’re dead yikes oh that was pretty oh man. i messed that up uh the Whizzer got pushed back ah there we go unite holding down the fort had to leave that Valkyrie alone which sucks baggage oh my gosh it is.much damage she had Omo freaking health either . alright let’s see it here comes the witch . i’m also sort of a push fighting ice forces fighting we’re gonna go . just do this . this oh nice oh that’s a full take out that was a full take up but . i’m not feeling . i’m not being like was that some like leftover Chinese oh we have to gotta jump off that dude the valley is such a strong such a strong unit man like . i’m gonna. i have to ignore her again let’s see how much she doesn’t ..she only got off one swing that time that’s close though’re going for that tower .

i’m obviously going for the other Tower . um we’re gonna mix it up. i do have one card that has not been shown you fighting an ice that’s very that was. i was trying to do Fire . Ice but it wasn’t there. i didn’t have a tank or anything like that but you can see right here what our other dark card is . oh the other dark card coming in hot oh that freeze spell is it going to go down yes it is that sucks very badly that Tower is a hundred percent down we’ve got to get rolling but we’ve got this come on please yes Valkyrie look at us she’s just surviving dude the vagary is up freakin holy yes he somehow turned his gaze over to his icy brother .. i was gonna say brother that try to pull out brethren oh.the hog is fighting type messages. i just wondered it waitis that sucks it was anything that was whole. i was looking for things holding weapons .. i was kind of out of options . i’m a well he’s holding a hammer oh my gosh get that freeze spell the freak freeze belt look at that freeze fellas Valkyries in the middle are one of the most Oh gusting things did you see that cleared everything yeah but here comes your hog. i can’t do jack about come on come on come on but can they get through all the skeletons all the undead once like Oh what in the woods there’s no way there’s no way that he didn’t get through that dropping something off get to the clash royale hack   this clash royale hack clash royale hack –  and clash royale hack  get to the tower wait how how are the tides turned.much stay there stay there no . goes in you’re not in rage he’s not in range yes yeah. i just put my lumberjack hog car mother how in the world did you defend that hog Pokemon rage. i know . between .

that was guards reality with Tower he needed one swing one swing around . i’m gonna take off one of my types . i’m gonna try to build a full new . everyone out do we want to just straight out one type or . i’m gonna try to go full new . i’m gonna pick two types. i got an idea in my head really quick me alright um. i have an idea as well um . i’m gonna go here . introduce yourself as a gym leader once we start the battle of what type you are . um you you you here you .    is gonna be a super good one this is gonna be super interesting that . now let’s do shows more rock types besides the golem let’s do this right here no all right.grass where. i acknowledge goblins cuz they’re green have to fill the grass type right uh yeah . they just looked like they would live in grass but. i wouldn’t say. i wouldn’t say buildings no yeah no structures just Goblin no structures what about the barrel um. i was going to use that for flying but. i decided not it is it not applicable in Florida grounds like it’s a it’s a merge between two Oh . then right yeah that’s good all right hi are we ready . i’m ready to have really do it this is a weird date.weird this is.. i’m not building it based upon like do. i have X Y Z it just looks crazy. i guess well. i will make it happen let’s go. i hey . my name is trainer mol . today with me. i brought flying-type pokémon . dark time no. i my name is chen ik. i also bought flying-type get ready for a lot of air get ready for a lot of air .

hey . my name is mo. i also brought grass types Oh goblins goblins . the log cuz it’s grass it kicks up grass . . the log won’t do anything to your flying type I’ll take your grass oh no those minions are just gonna fly freely why did. i allow this to happen yes he who attacks first losing into that look at this place freaking man to that Wyatt oh why couldn’t is there.many air troops her on that tower have you received our discipline like that tak first Nick I’ve talked about. i don’t know many times in videos that was just the everything worked out perfectly on the calendar end don’t you dare tell me oh my gosh look at this yes to go around my balloon hahaha that might have . oh well better gotten up one shot what’s your other type psychic no dark psychic. i like Psych. i wouldn’t even know what we would do for psychic . minions get there . minion ah one of them was in front . got targeted I’d say psychic would be like which you could pull off it would be like things that are crazy like maybe the lumberjack is like a crazy psychic man yeah well psychic. i think mine  Clash royale Hacks . i would think either one of the Wizards maybe the miner you never know what he learns underground that is definitely true all right here’s my question somebody while we have we eradicated that lava hound what is the log its grass it kicks up the grass which is a log at the goblins mate. i just made a toaster that’s a couple no that’s a that’s a good idea. i thought. i was really good it’s a grass type though like we’re two logs girl in the grass haha you know you kind of love it though. i just edged get there balloon what is the log you you are you threatened by the log with your air deck no. i just don’t think that it this it doesn’t matter it’s fine alright come on get there holy cow oh oh no you’re totally fine don’t worry about it this deck is good your balloon gets up ha ha who is that the sound of a grass type Pokemon get it Rattata in your pants maybe three growl oh try 9 it flexes bad which do you . think that the log is a grass type Pokemon oh my gosh get out of my comments section alright one more what are we gonna do God that sucks alright um that was we both love were the same idea there all right . i’m gonna go with.we’re switching it up again let’s go with this is hard this is hard um. i got an ideas to it hi um . we’ll go here we’ll go here.. i’m gonna go this this . um . i’m trying to think as does this make sense yes. i don’t know this um what also types do we have um man. i wish. i could use that that works . then that that that that . . i’m good . then this this is Clash royale Hacks .

then this guy’s name is you get that item exercise in.many ways of bears its picture is like kicking up grass. i just pictured it rolling through the field I’ll be right there if it wasn’t grassing it would have to be . it around. i just wouldn’t be something it is it is though . all right friendly about this trading for this oh wait hang on. i missed something up this all men is types hello. i am trainer Nick welcome to my undead ghost slash dark gym mixed with ground Pokemon ground . uh ghost ground ghost . dark well. i I don’t know if skeletons were ghosts or dark. i think they’re ghosts they’re dark they’re dark . i’m dark . ground alright. i am trainer mo . today. i am using my deck of fighting type.they all have weapons . air . Flying type fight nice well . i’m gonna go ahead . call this one here your things are gonna counter mine.well. i just realized. i don’t have anything that shoots there uh-huh. i have like one thing oh my gosh you have.much higher .. i have my car yes shoot sir oh . they didn’t even get off one shot on there we go though ah the book this is he dark that’s hilarious yeah he was actually. i did ground so. i have um just some ground based  then a bunch of dark what in the world is my there you go nah ah man. i don’t know anything for air. i just that was a bad deck choice Nick let’s see we could do all right that was a great tour you know look at that pole that was a great pole of the year we’re gonna wait . i’m.strong well you’d still off in damage can’t complain can’t complain ouch oh nice oh . is my best guards because my Valkyrie about to die from a bomber did she kill oh yeah with one sliver of health left ouch Balloon Boy you cook you’re flying types .

i’m upset . i’m upset.the logs that. i officially agrestic you stay in flying twice .. i changed Oh oh my gosh they just there’s nothing Buller hit the tower Quan baller yeah . then a hog rider comes in the fighting type what is this Decker Aaron fighting that’s just like a real deck. i didn’t realize my towers at 142 there we go yeah. i wanted to get one oh man well. i guess we just we just three ..we can’t be upset how did you get to minion horse now we’re distracted by your skeletons . then by your other thing . then. i disciple through what. i didn’t have a mirror twelve minions yep there are twelve don’t use this stack don’t use this deck there’s no air there’s only the way there all right well fun   . i actually not even go just poetry different class for out . yeah pokemon types in clash Royale let me know if you have any ways to refine this . ways to make it better keep the suggestions coming because. i make videos like this possible thank you for mole for showed up for this video thank you for all you . for taking time. i need a to watch it . we’ll see you . the next one as always for every class right you don’t seem to be trying to keep it in right here big night I’ll talk to you . you