i’m gonna go here . introduce yourself as a gym leader once we start the battle of what type you are . um you you you here you . this is gonna be a super good one this is gonna be super interesting that . now let’s do shows more rock types besides the golem let’s do this right here no all right.grass where. i acknowledge goblins cuz they’re green have to fill the grass type right uh yeah . they just looked like they would live in grass but. i wouldn’t say. i wouldn’t say buildings no yeah no structures just Goblin no structures what about the barrel um. i was going to use that for flying but. i decided not to.is it is it not applicable in Florida grounds like it’s a it’s a merge between two Oh . then right yeah that’s good all right hi are we ready . i’m ready to have really do it this is a weird date.weird this is.. i’m not building it based upon like do. i have X Y Z it just looks crazy. i guess well. i will make it happen let’s go. i hey . my name is trainer mol . today with me. i brought flying-type pok√©mon . dark time no. i my name is chen ik. i also bought flying-type get ready for a lot of air get ready for a lot of air . hey . my name is mo. i also brought grass types Oh goblins goblins . the log cuz it’s grass it kicks up grass . . the log won’t do anything to your flying type I’ll take your grass oh no those minions are just gonna fly freely why did. i allow this to happen yes he who attacks first losing into that look at this place freaking man to that Wyatt oh why couldn’t is there.many air troops her on that tower have you received our discipline like that tak first Nick I’ve talked about. i don’t know many times in videos that was just the everything worked out perfectly on the calendar end don’t you dare tell me oh my gosh look at this yes to go around my balloon hahaha that might have . oh well better gotten up one shot what’s your other type psychic no dark psychic. i like Psych. i wouldn’t even know what we would do for psychic . minions get there