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Utah Gun Owners

Dream League Soccer 2016 Hack TOOL GENERATOR Cheats Truchhi Get Free Unlimited Coins And many new things


Dream League Soccer 2016 Hack TOOL GENERATOR Cheats Truchhi Get Free Unlimited Coins And many new things


here is the away team formation [Applause] we get this match underway Becker now that’s the challenge that one looked like it hurt did he get the ball though the Sun is out. the football is reflecting that always steps up to steal the ball Neymar great determination well-read defenders are looking to the assistant for the flag stays down Lima. he could work there to get on the scoresheet. they’re integral hope that all continues [Applause] it’s the first goal a day. a thoroughly deserved lead the referee gets the games back underway have the board again damar [Applause] beeping [Applause] what a job the manager will be really pleased with finishing like that it will do wonders for his confidence too. if anyone’s back which way this one will go now Neymar Abbasi Sam names angles look golden back here now what a well-timed check Jessica – oh good thought there. that’s well out by the defender [Applause] really think we feed. he’s back in position [Applause] for the water content well in two senses the equal Rebecca this could be costly Beckenham we need Remy well they’re blood wall they the assistants depth is flat down he’s outside it remember each other shot is almost celebrating. unlucky let’s see how close that one was to go in [Applause] it’s with the striker [Applause] well shut down they go suit all that was a real chance. take another look at that hand on court officials indicating positive stop it stop it heartily the source of images to have their say no negative negative R 5 next 45 minutes should prove decisive here it’s a tie game. they create something with this attack not the best effort there let’s take another look at this boomstick filled by the keeper [Applause] the repealing for his own coffee shops are good effort there let’s take another look at that [Applause] thank you generalize away for this chances to take the lead well intercept it sends it forward is on side here good effort his teammates women. like these. great stuff [Applause] the referee gets the game back under way [Applause] his money back to his team [Applause] policeman being our what an opportunity to plot their multi check [Applause] it’s with the strike up. inspect in possession. https://www.zotero.org/groups/lotion6minute867
https://david7vault.wordpress.com/2017/05/27/dream-league-soccer-cheats-… it seems rough possession again like what then. he phantoms. here’s a job that was a real chance they’re unlucky no this will. with the captain now male on the ball please jet for the goalkeeper [Applause] if we henna bitch they’ll referee calls playback time [Music] [Applause] taken by the goalkeeper [Applause] we play the bus surfaces closely we have amazing salvage avoid they were threatening only attack well right oh that was close [Applause] are well intercepted if we hit a bitch fail on the board he suits oh good save by the goalkeeper. out for the throwing the visual is indicated creates a stoppage time oh good guess mother Keith today [Applause] Oh fantastic effort from him well these are the man of the match award [Applause]

Minecraft Hack Cheats Server Access Full Free Mod Apk 2017

Minecraft Hack Cheats Server Access Full Free Mod Apk 2017


minecraft cheats


I think we have everything we need now to complete this project so,let’s find out.I hope.I made everything so,now we’re going to put  some cobble like that do that on both sides voila take your new lease melted half block slabs . let’s just cap these right off st. back . take a g.er Wow so,lovely now using the same material the stone brick as well as the as regular red brick which we haven’t made yet . I’ll show you momentarily you can also make half slabs . stairs with those materials as well so,you can have stone stairs you know brick stairs etc oh we’re not done hold on.I was ready to punch out . I’ve got a little more work to do okay stairs here here here there are . over there same as in the back now we should have enough do believe we do now as you’ll see excuse me see every now . then one just wants to be a pest we’re going to have a little bit of space here minecraft hacks pe in our attic so,we have a little attic being built . eventually like.I said.I may make renovations.I may exp. this home eventually . put a second floor up here . maybe like a little bit I’ll have a little loft with a bed . for now we just want to get a house made . get in it because we have other priorities building up our home . putting equity into it is not a priority trust me surviving that’s the priority okay now we can get rid of our scaffolding.I believe minecraft cheat pe we are done with the roof . just any time now we shall step back . look at our work oh hey wait oh.I thought that was a wolf darn.I really would like a pet it’s gonna go show you how to capture a wolf alright now I’m going to just put  some torches up here . oh dear oh my gosh animal snorting at me caves beneath https://www.facebook.com/Minecraft-Hack-Cheats-Mod-Apk-Pvp-Server-Client-max/ me okay so,there we have enough light around us now quickly let’s check out our brick okay that’s I’m going to take this inside I’m going to put those bricks in my .


I’m going to give you one last choice building material for bricks equal bricks so,we have regular clay bricks you can’t build with these they’re only used to make these guys . you can use you can turn these bricks whoops these bricks into half brick slabs or you can fill all this up . make stairs . we will we will definitely get to that Shh in the future . I’m gonna take the stuff indoors now . get out of here this doesn’t matter what you take it with it doesn’t matter what do we have here oh I’m gonna have to come back for that oh gosh okay sheep sneaking up on me I’m gonna head inside I’ll come back for that chest um we need  some light in here don’t we . I’ll have to fix that.I will not hear the end of it if .I don’t go to that so,I’m going to put my workbench down here . make a few more torches . light up the interior we will decorate in here eventually . again one thing at a time so,let’s light her up that’ll do for now . before we complete this project we want to go underground back to our basement make sure there’s nothing in there before you go down because we left this rather dark we should light that up so,we don’t get a basement surprise you ever see the Evil Dead oh gosh yeah ..I will make a hatch to get down there in a future episode I’ll show you how to make a hatch . a ladder . we’ll go down there . we’ll be using that area for storage okay let me get rid of those Hello we will need a perimeter fence around this to keep the bad guys out you don’t want to walk out to a a mob waiting for you . there we go so,cozy cottage is complete for the time being . will decorate inside .


we’ll make a little okay.I have a peeping sheep here great ah this may not be the best location huh you want to come in all right come on in come on.I could use a friend tea . crumpets now this is your last chance to have any wheat.I will actually eventually catch you so,Jarrett you goodbye nosy nosy neighbors stuck a face right through the door Hello alright. I think we’re done here a roof is complete . I’m happy safe . dry . now no longer expose  so.I think we’re done I’ll see you guys next time oh okay maybe.I should have picked a different location all right I’m gonna go see you next time uh bye bye.


Hello welcome to my minecraft tutorial this is episode number 16 in my how to survive . thrive series . in today’s episode we are going to build ourselves a nice little sugarcane farm right here in our pond next to the wheat farm ..If we have time we’ll finish up our shed over there which is going to be used for doing our farm duties so,this right here is sugarcane . it grows naturally in the map . it only grows next to water . only on grass s. or dirt now.I want to make a couple of nice clean neat rows of sugarcane so,we’re not going to leave it there I’m going to collect  some s. . we’re going to transplant that sugarcane over by the wheat  so.If you’re following along go ahead . grab a bunch of s..If you wanted to send otherwise use dirt now here’s we’re going to do we’re going to harvest this . the way to harvest this is you can pretty much use anything can use your h. a bone roasted pork . just hit it just like so,now.If you want to do this quickly you can hit the bottom most right here notice this three high stock just hit the bottom . they all fall . they all fall down now make sure you collect all of it let’s see how many that was that was 13 pieces delish okay now we want to plant it over here so,it has to be adjacent to water . I’m just going to a fall climb back up it’s a good idea to have dirt with you at all times just a small stack so,you can use it for projects like this so,you don’t want to fall down there now.I want to make this a little bit more uniform so,let’s dig in there .

Slither.io hack cheats no survey

Slither.io hack cheats no survey

how come here bro come here yes yeah oh my god oh oh my god again oh oh my god again oh my god Oh huh oh yes give me some of this Oh what’s gonna happen bra where you gonna go where you gonna go Oh almost messed up sorry freak yeah you hater what’s going on dudes it’s Pat. welcome back to slither dot IO hey guys. we are coming at you with a brand new challenge today this one is from the comments someone said we should see who can last the longest without dying are we allowed to go hide in the corner . i’m  just saying doll on that you can’t just hide in the corner. I remember watching you go through the corner. dying into the wall wait that is true that did happen alright. basically this is how it’s gonna work we’re gonna have three lives. that’s to be our first 3 lives of the day. . i’m  gonna see who could last the lawyers whoever wins you know 2 out of 3 would be the winner for the day you tell me when you die. also tracking the time on a piece of paper .  .  are you still going for the leaderboard today go for number one Jack number what is happening are you ready alright. hot my name today is slipper da I own you oh my god I love that that’s what I came up with what already ate it I need to change my skin I need something wait I thought I saw cool. before this one honestly I gotta be honest with you I completely hate it whenever I see this one I just want to kill the person really I like that one yeah look he looks happy I don’t know I don’t like the smiles like it’s I feel like he’s calling me a noob you know . i’m  using anyways alright for this already let’s do B I would play for about 20 minutes let’s go .  it’s on going oh there’s a big dude right next to me alright. I actually haven’t played in the week guys have not played once really yep that is not like you at all I know cuz last time I played like 50 hours what do you mean we play all day long . i’m  actually getting a good start right now hey . i’m . different remember yet this counts if you die right now you can lose the whole game no don’t remind me. no risking it today yeah . i’m  just gonna play it really calm like super calm you’re going towards the corner aren’t you no myself anyways . i’m  a little nervous . i’m  afraid to try to run in front of somebody but oh god this guy scared me Oh guys dude right in front of me oh my god alright like a minute it wasn’t even a minute what was even one minute but .  you’ve lost the first one you retail ya know it counts but don’t worry on my second life maybe I only last like a really short period tell I think we should have like a minute grace period before started what do you can never could even get past a minute that might happen I am ranked 128 right now . i’m  just playing it calm cutie pie is fabulous is number one assuming we’re on the same server but we probably aren’t you are I don’t even even put in the same thing it doesn’t even matter because that’s not we’re going for today we are going for the moose oh my god popularmmos is right next to me what that’s amazing I don’t even want to kill them we’re going for the best type they just died Oh miss miss to drag to be yes yes this is mrs. yes .  no get in there you need more no I haven’t .  I’ll get a little device goodbye hello closer oh don’t do it man please don’t do it .


i’m  nervous . i’m  trying to sabotage you all right. right now I am brain 36 how you do it where are you I am directly in the middle almost exactly but that’s right we’re not on the same server. I can’t come kill you you’re not gonna kill me he’s gonna die. lose your points boom that’s beautiful there’s a lot of people near me oh man ah my mouse isn’t working what you’re doing break it what is going on over there now you’re fine it’s sabotage oh my god there’s just. much I want in on that action . i’m  sorry my server is also server give me some oh my god there’s. much there’s a lot every once you’ve started are you .  a ginormous dude almost ran right into me . i’m  ranked 15 oh my god there’s all these dead people they’re everywhere oh man it’s beautiful oh oh oh my god . i’m  just doin. good Sherman one person dies it’s like a domino effect after that I know they all just dive in like a hundred miles an hour they sprint in. they get. big that they can’t control themselves anymore hi buddy – an eyelash resume like right now leave there man oh wait go around this person .

Pokemon Go Cheats Hack Unlimited Tips Tricks 2K17 for Pokemon Go Lovers

Pokemon Go Cheats Hack Unlimited Tips Tricks 2K17 for Pokemon Go Lovers


pokemon go hack


hey what’s going on everybody this is Hudson we are back for one last pokemon tutorial the reason I’ve dressed up like this is because . I was literally just outside catching some now up to now I’ve taught you guys a lot about getting started with your Pokemon how to grow .  raise them .  evolve them these have been in the previous videos go check them out if you guys don’t know what’s going on yet .  for those of you who do let’s jump right on in so .


I wanted to go over the best way to get experience now as of right now this is the top way that . I know about this method involves evolving as many pokemon as possible now pokemon go hack generator  this –   https://www.facebook.com/PokemonGOHackCheatsnosurveybox  every single time that you evolve a Pokemon you get massive amounts of XP for it so what you’re going to do somebody just showed up who is it fucking wheedle you know what no this is perfect because I’m collecting wheedles to evolve them this is exactly what I’m talking about you guys alright so as you can see this wheedle I’ve got 42 wheedle c. ies .  it only takes 12 c. ies to evolve them so that means a few more weebles .  I’ll be able to do for wheedles in one go now the idea behind this is that before you evolve them you’re going to go into your bag on the shore you’re right now there’s something called the lucky egg that you should have gotten a few of at this point if you’re up around the levels that . I am we’re having leveled up it gives you double experience points for 30 minutes .  remember even if you close the app the timer still goes down so you need to have the app open .  be ready to use it when you pop a lucky egg they are pretty rare so the idea is that you’re going to go to a Pokemon hotspot now wherever you go to find the most focused ops with the most lure modules on them speaking of Bloor modules that’s also an item that you’ve gotten a few of at this point for having leveled up now go to the hot spot use a lucky egg .  then evolve as many pokemon as you possibly can at that point that means up to now you would have had to collect tons of balls .  catch tons of pokemon i’d recommend the ones that are most prevalent lycra tates piggies wheedles caterpie’s all of those catch them especially wheels .  caterpie’s because it takes so few c. ies in order to evolve him that drowsy looks like he’s about to get h. sy with me so if you guys do this you will break in massive amounts of experience this is the top way that . I know of so far to do this one more thing that . I wanted to cover in this advanced tutorial are the G now you’re gonna see three types of gems out there currently there are the empty gyms nobody’s claimed these gyms yet these gyms were predetermined when Pokemon go started so it did throw out a bunch of empty gems out there if you see one go take it right now the only thing you have to do is when you get to an empty gym you have to put one of your Pokemon there to defend that gym when you do this it’ll turn to your teams color gym .  you will lose that Pokemon from your lineup for the time being until he gets defeated they’ll be prepared to part with somebody because you’re gonna have to keep them there .  for as long as that Jim is not defeated that’s where that Pokemon will be the second type of gym that you’re gonna find are the enemy Jim’s a gym that goes by a different color than your own now to fight this gym all you gotta do is walk right up to it now you do have to walk up to it if you drive out to it .  you start fighting the gym .  then you drive away you you will get cut off right in the middle of it .  you will no longer get to finish that fight when you start attacking this gym you will get to choose from your top six Pokemon now .


I would use my h.  .  . I don’t have six fingers to top six Pokemon is what you’re gonna bring in .  you will have to fight however,  many pokemon are defending that gym so you do want to be careful you will be able to see what’s up well that drowsies like on top of my be oh that tickles oh yeah that’s where . I like it you can see the combat power of all the pokemon that are in the gym currently defending it so don’t go in over your head because you’re going to lose also make sure you got the right type of Pokemon for whatever pokemon are defending that gym just because a jam is a blue color does not mean it’s water-based it just means it’s team mystic now one very important thing to note here is that you will not be able to claim the gym once you’ve defeated every single Pokemon .  instead you will be able to claim the gym when you fought the gym enough times to remove all of its prestige however,  as you may think uh that that gym that . I just defeated had three pokemon in it now . I put one there what’s to stop somebody from coming back .  destroying it well that leads us to our third type of gym this gym is a friendly gym now if you see a friendly gym in your area you will not be able to control that gym you won’t be able to fight it .  it’s however,  you can buff that gym you can gain experience points while fighting it’s called training it’s basically like sparring a friendly gym so walk up to that gym go click to fight it .  you can choose one Pokemon at this point to fight everybody in that gym .  the more that you fight through that gym the more prestige points that gym will gain .  you’ll notice that there is a bar when you’re looking at the gym of certain amount of prestige points now when that bar gets full that gym will then level up .  get an extra slot in it for you to place your Pokemon into so now there will be two Pokemon in a gym .  you can keep doing this until you have enough Pokemon in that gym that it will be now secure so the thing is you .  you alone have to go ahead .  destroy a gym .  it’ll be you .  your team that has to build that Jim up so it doesn’t get taken back over now just to simply go over the fight mechanics of fighting a gym tapping simply tapping will do the pokemons main attack as we go into our menu here we can see that each Pokemon has two attacks no more than two one attack will just be when you tap when you just tap on the screen you will do your normal attack if you hold down on the screen you will be able to shoot your secondary attack oh my god bulba saur oh my god follow sorry babe . I gotta catch this oh my god CP 69 it was fucking meant to be i’m using a rash right now I’m not missing I’m not gonna miss this sucker I’m not gonna miss him relate so that’s nice .  big don’t jump on me you shit nice .  big toss it out get a nice ball in there that’s what I’m fucking talking about we’ve got this come on you Bulbasaur shit nice oh my god that’s fucking awesome i’m gonna go run until chantal right now that she’s got to catch this Bulbasaur I’ll be right back all right he’s only CP 69 .  hey man if you’re gonna have any number that means I’ve caught one of every one of the starter pokemons I’ve got a Charm. er I’ve got a couple squirtles .  magic got a bulbasaur oh feels good man .


I’m getting tickled in the pp so one last thing that . I wanted to talk about when you’re fighting a gym okay so small attack large attack .  then you can dodge by swiping left or right if you can time it just correctly to dodge maybe the be attacking pokemons secondary attack you can maybe try to time that right to dodge it that is everything that . I wanted to cover in this advanced Pokemon go tutorial you guys should have enough knowledge right now to go out there .  kick some ass thank you guys so much for watching leave a like if you enjoyed this .  . I will see you guys in the next video see you guys

Clash Royale Hacks And Pokemon Go Hack Cheats is Not working now a days

Clash Royale Hacks And Pokemon Go Hack Cheats is Not working now a days! see the photos below

hey what’s going on . Nikki died here welcome back to episode 2 of the Pokemon in clash royale challenge we’re using Pokemon types to determine clash royale decks we are here with molt what’s going on what’s going on . now we didn’t come up with this idea someone of you our fans actually suggested it in one of our previous videos. i got like 400 likes super stoked keep on doing that . keep on giving us suggestions down below if you see something you like make sure you like them but they were basing our troop . our decks off of – type types fire water grass electric psychic ice dragon dark fairy what are some other ones steel goes bug rock ground poison flying fighting normal.what in most episode we just kind of like said alright . i’m gonna go fire then we pick a card. i make a water card .

now we’re gonna do two types each right build a deck don’t tell you the person . then you announce your two types in battle right.it’s like showing up at a gym . you don’t know like what you lieutenant surges electric Luke 10 exert alright.you pick your to build your deck we’re gonna try not to stretch. i think is another ice that will be very simple yeah there’s some . i’m gonna go with em here you you you this is gonna be you . could probably tell what . i’m building right now very simple right samples the key .. i know what I’ll do my two rows . i’m separating it by top row bottom row.you . can very easily see the top row is blank the bottom row is going to be where is it now here’s a question um gosh cuz this doesn’t fully fit who know ok . i’m gonna up we do have that as well oh no we don’t ah we can’t do that oh can we do this. i don’t even oh let’s see. i know what . i’m going with. i think there’s a card . i’m not remembering here well. i might have to not do all half-.-half. i might do 5 . 3 is that. i try to be happy to half but you can only use two you can only use two topics ok then . i’m good . i’m almost done sorry um actually let’s change out one more thing here let’s go with we’re gonna go we’re gonna bring in here .. i know what. i want to do yes .. i have that right there.all of those characters . all have one unique trait which. i will tell in battle . the other ones are all pretty obvious let’s go ahead . request for one molds ready. i don’t think. i spirits oh yeah no problem.

i gave you 16 today can you give 8 at a time. i don’t know hard legendary Reena we could just click on the arena click the. i it’ll tell us um.my first type is fighting alright my first type is fire . i’m a second type is ice my second type is dark.my fighting pokémon flash cards all carry weapons they all have a weapon in their h. right.my fire ones obviously all have fire . my dark ones either have darken their name or they’re dead yikes oh that was pretty oh man. i messed that up uh the Whizzer got pushed back ah there we go unite holding down the fort had to leave that Valkyrie alone which sucks baggage oh my gosh it is.much damage she had Omo freaking health either . alright let’s see it here comes the witch . i’m also sort of a push fighting ice forces fighting we’re gonna go . just do this . this oh nice oh that’s a full take out that was a full take up but . i’m not feeling . i’m not being like was that some like leftover Chinese oh we have to gotta jump off that dude the valley is such a strong such a strong unit man like . i’m gonna. i have to ignore her again let’s see how much she doesn’t ..she only got off one swing that time that’s close though alright.you’re going for that tower .

i’m obviously going for the other Tower . um we’re gonna mix it up. i do have one card that has not been shown you fighting an ice that’s very that was. i was trying to do Fire . Ice but it wasn’t there. i didn’t have a tank or anything like that but you can see right here what our other dark card is . oh the other dark card coming in hot oh that freeze spell is it going to go down yes it is that sucks very badly that Tower is a hundred percent down we’ve got to get rolling but we’ve got this come on please yes Valkyrie look at us she’s just surviving dude the vagary is up freakin holy yes he somehow turned his gaze over to his icy brother .. i was gonna say brother that try to pull out brethren oh.the hog is fighting type messages. i just wondered it waitis that sucks it was anything that was whole. i was looking for things holding weapons .. i was kind of out of options . i’m a well he’s holding a hammer oh my gosh get that freeze spell the freak freeze belt look at that freeze fellas Valkyries in the middle are one of the most Oh gusting things did you see that cleared everything yeah but here comes your hog. i can’t do jack about come on come on come on but can they get through all the skeletons all the undead once like Oh what in the woods there’s no way there’s no way that he didn’t get through that dropping something off get to the clash royale hack   this clash royale hack clash royale hack https://twitter.com/i/moments/866300109071372289 –  and clash royale hack https://www.facebook.com/ClashRoyaleHackCheatsOnline2017Box/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE&fref=nf  get to the tower wait how how are the tides turned.much stay there stay there no . goes in you’re not in rage he’s not in range yes yeah. i just put my lumberjack hog car mother how in the world did you defend that hog Pokemon rage. i know . between .

that was guards reality with Tower he needed one swing one swing around . i’m gonna take off one of my types . i’m gonna try to build a full new . everyone out do we want to just straight out one type or . i’m gonna try to go full new . i’m gonna pick two types. i got an idea in my head really quick  https://vk.com/topic-125842090_3526 me alright um. i have an idea as well um . i’m gonna go here . introduce yourself as a gym leader once we start the battle of what type you are . um you you you here you .    is gonna be a super good one this is gonna be super interesting that . now let’s do shows more rock types besides the golem let’s do this right here no all right.grass where. i acknowledge goblins cuz they’re green have to fill the grass type right uh yeah . they just looked like they would live in grass but. i wouldn’t say. i wouldn’t say buildings no yeah no structures just Goblin no structures what about the barrel um. i was going to use that for flying but. i decided not to.is it is it not applicable in Florida grounds like it’s a it’s a merge between two Oh . then right yeah that’s good all right hi are we ready . i’m ready to have really do it this is a weird date.weird this is.. i’m not building it based upon like do. i have X Y Z it just looks crazy. i guess well. i will make it happen let’s go. i hey . my name is trainer mol . today with me. i brought flying-type pokémon . dark time no. i my name is chen ik. i also bought flying-type get ready for a lot of air get ready for a lot of air .

hey . my name is mo. i also brought grass types Oh goblins goblins . the log cuz it’s grass it kicks up grass . . the log won’t do anything to your flying type I’ll take your grass oh no those minions are just gonna fly freely why did. i allow this to happen yes he who attacks first losing into that look at this place freaking man to that Wyatt oh why couldn’t is there.many air troops her on that tower have you received our discipline like that tak first Nick I’ve talked about. i don’t know many times in videos that was just the everything worked out perfectly on the calendar end don’t you dare tell me oh my gosh look at this yes to go around my balloon hahaha that might have . oh well better gotten up one shot what’s your other type psychic no dark psychic. i like Psych. i wouldn’t even know what we would do for psychic . minions get there . minion ah one of them was in front . got targeted I’d say psychic would be like which you could pull off it would be like things that are crazy like maybe the lumberjack is like a crazy psychic man yeah well psychic. i think mine  Clash royale Hacks . i would think either one of the Wizards maybe the miner you never know what he learns underground that is definitely true all right here’s my question somebody while we have we eradicated that lava hound what is the log its grass it kicks up the grass which is a log at the goblins mate. i just made a toaster that’s a couple no that’s a that’s a good idea. i thought. i was really good it’s a grass type though like we’re two logs girl in the grass haha you know you kind of love it though. i just edged get there balloon what is the log you you are you threatened by the log with your air deck no. i just don’t think that it this it doesn’t matter it’s fine alright come on get there holy cow oh oh no you’re totally fine don’t worry about it this deck is good your balloon gets up ha ha who is that the sound of a grass type Pokemon get it Rattata in your pants maybe three growl oh try 9 it flexes bad which do you . think that the log is a grass type Pokemon oh my gosh get out of my comments section alright one more what are we gonna do God that sucks alright um that was we both love were the same idea there all right . i’m gonna go with.we’re switching it up again let’s go with this is hard this is hard um. i got an ideas to it hi um . we’ll go here we’ll go here.. i’m gonna go this this . um . i’m trying to think as does this make sense yes. i don’t know this um what also types do we have um man. i wish. i could use that that works . then that that that that . . i’m good . then this this is Clash royale Hacks .

then this guy’s name is you get that item exercise in.many ways of bears its picture is like kicking up grass. i just pictured it rolling through the field I’ll be right there if it wasn’t grassing it would have to be . it around. i just wouldn’t be something it is it is though . all right friendly about this trading for this oh wait hang on. i missed something up this all men is great.my types hello. i am trainer Nick welcome to my undead ghost slash dark gym mixed with ground Pokemon ground . uh ghost ground ghost . dark well. i I don’t know if skeletons were ghosts or dark. i think they’re ghosts they’re dark they’re dark . i’m dark . ground alright. i am trainer mo . today. i am using my deck of fighting type.they all have weapons . air . Flying type fight nice well . i’m gonna go ahead . call this one here your things are gonna counter mine.well. i just realized. i don’t have anything that shoots there uh-huh. i have like one thing oh my gosh you have.much higher .. i have my car yes shoot sir oh . they didn’t even get off one shot on there we go though ah the book this is he dark that’s hilarious yeah he was actually. i did ground so. i have um just some ground based  then a bunch of dark what in the world is my there you go nah ah man. i don’t know anything for air. i just that was a bad deck choice Nick let’s see we could do all right that was a great tour you know look at that pole that was a great pole of the year we’re gonna wait . i’m.strong well you’d still off in damage can’t complain can’t complain ouch oh nice oh . is my best guards because my Valkyrie about to die from a bomber did she kill oh yeah with one sliver of health left ouch Balloon Boy you cook you’re flying types .

i’m upset . i’m upset.the logs that. i officially agrestic you stay in flying twice .. i changed Oh oh my gosh they just there’s nothing Buller hit the tower Quan baller yeah . then a hog rider comes in the fighting type what is this Decker Aaron fighting that’s just like a real deck. i didn’t realize my towers at 142 there we go yeah. i wanted to get one oh man well. i guess we just we just three ..we can’t be upset how did you get to minion horse now we’re distracted by your skeletons . then by your other thing . then. i disciple through what. i didn’t have a mirror twelve minions yep there are twelve don’t use this stack don’t use this deck there’s no air there’s only the way there all right well fun   . i actually not even go just poetry different class for out . yeah pokemon types in clash Royale let me know if you have any ways to refine this . ways to make it better keep the suggestions coming because. i make videos like this possible thank you for mole for showed up for this video thank you for all you . for taking time. i need a to watch it . we’ll see you . the next one as always for every class right you don’t seem to be trying to keep it in right here big night I’ll talk to you . you